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CD: Live Voodoo Surfing From The Beachland

CD Cover

If you are lucky you might have had the pleasure of hearing a guitarist play and lead a band into a space where spirit and feelings merge into one.

Listening to The Colin John Band do their thing live should be a lesson to many that, yes, it can happen live with three people ready to lay down some real hard Voodoo Vibes that have roots and a heritage in the soul of anyone who likes to hear the wailing and screaming tones of a guitar used in anger.

Colin has the fortune to be playing with two other great musicians who compliment each other. The fusion of bass and drums is about as good as it gets. Close your eyes for a while and let the music take you.

After all, if you can experience a musical journey surely this is a sign that you are communicating with the spirits within.

Colin John has played with many great people and as the saying goes,"you gotta pay your dues if you wanna play the blues", so keep the good stuff rolling for music is a mission never a competition.

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